Words of Managing Director

New towns of Iran has not reach to their whole aims because of some reasons. not having of infra structures and ultra structures and welfare services in high level standards are the main reason of this issue, especially in fast transporting. in our new vision, we are looking for new towns as a alive, dynamic and festival thing and revert to the sustainable and wealthy environment. actually, the new towns should be annun-ciate of superior living, capacity of high quality living and concentration to ecosystem and sustainable development can make new towns worthy. Developing of novel technologies in constructing and saving energy and also using natural pure energies play the main role in sustain-.able developing in new towns

reaching to the goals of new towns not be possible without tremendous investing in every field .in other word, new towns are fertile ground for expanded activity of investors in any scale project with variety subjects in neighborhood unit, district area, urban and exurb level. in this field, the government neither does have enough financing and enforcing ability to built infrastructures and services are required nor does believe in monopolization and direct operation . in our opinion, the capacity of society and people to do the job is bigger than the government and using of potential of private sectors beside of governmental facilities, is the affective step to achieve the resistance economy and accord-ing to agenda of ” policy and hope” government, vision of ministry and plans of new towns developing company in actualize the potentials capacity of new towns developing company and align with we welcome all the private sectors and credit with an win-win policy , in addition .to provide the safe benefit of investing, the private sector will be fortunate of performance of an affective role in reintegrate of Iranian families exhibition of investment opportunities of new towns, in this framework , is looking for computation and introduction under construction capaci-ties and opportunities of investing in NTDC packages with variety depending on subject of financial value for the different type of personal or legal person groups. with this wish, this exhibition be the focal point to guide respectful addresser with capacity of NTDC and making useful .cooperation for both parties

here, I should appreciate all those ones who participate in celebration specially esteemed main company members of board, members of .executive council and also managing directors, members of board and staffs of attached companies