Naghshe Andisheh Market

The idea to design main core of Thought City Center has been considered as an Iranian-Islamic urbanization pattern which is substantially located in city centers, squares, bazaars and cultur-al-religious spaces and it has been tried to include the same in the mentioned project. In the above-mentioned complex, in order to combine the square and bazaar, the idea of Isfahan Naghshe Jahan Square has been benefitted. Regarding to the fact that New City of Thought is located in the cultural area of Thhran, the intended ar-chitectural style is influenced by the building of the old ordnance (Toopkhaneh) square (recent Imam Khomeini square) of Tehran. This project have being constructed in a land measuring 5 hect-ares in area and a substructure with an area of about 115000 sq m including various applications like commercial, (1168 units), cul-tural, religious, parking (1528 units) and etc… executive operation of which has been initiated on March, 4, 2011 and is running with a significant pace and can be exploited with the provided schedule during 2 year. And it had into operation in june 1394 By the presi-dent Dr. Rohani