Andisheh new town Development company

This company was founded in 1989 to implement Andisheh project and officially began its activities in 1992 after approval of its constitution As an affiliatedcompany to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Date of comprehensive plan approval: 2000

Date of detailed plan approval date: 2003


Administrative organizations

Andisheh new town Development Co., municipality, Islamic council, engineering association representative office, fire fighting station, electricity office, three banks, police station, three telecommunication centers, passport office,… are amid the active governmental organizations in Andisheh new town offering services to the citizens.

Infrastructural projects

  • Water supply (through air & land resources, water wells)
  • Water transferring pipelines and water supply grids
  • Power supply and transmitting lines
  • Construction of Passageways, canals & sidewalk curbs
  • street asphalting, side walks
  • Gas transferring

Superstructure projects

  • Construction of 40 Educational Centers with a capacity of 700classrooms.
  • Construction of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Sarna Branch
  • Establishment and delivery of lands to construct 17 sport centers (governmental and private)
  • Establishment of 76 workshop-industrial service centers
  • Establishment of 18 treatment centers including clinics, emergency, doctor’s office
  • Establishment of 12 religious complexes including 7 mosques, 6 houses of worship (Hosseineh & Zeinabieh)
  • Construction of 4 cultural complexes and land delivery in order to establish 8 cultural complexes by private section
  • Establishment of about 70 hectares landscapes including local parks and forestation
  • Construction of about 24500 residential units (including apartments and villas)
  • Construction of Trade centers with 4000 units